Guerra Civil - 1981
Fim do Mundo - 1983
Piolho - 1985
Em Caso de Acidente... Quebre
                                  Este Disco!
Gloomland - 1994
Farawayers - 1996
Em Caso de Acidente... Quebre
                                  Este Disco (relançamento) - 2000
Technolorgy - 2002
Pega Varetas (Meu Pau de Sebo) -
Não Pode Ser Vendido
                                  Separadamente - 2007
ROCK 2011
Ainda Ninguem Pediu - 2014 Technolorgy - 2002
                      ACIDENTE, the Brazilian indie rock band with 14
                      releases (1978/2015)

Old Aça - the pre-history

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Old Aca - Mala, Guto, Zeca and ScubiThe name ACIDENTE refers to 2 different groups, each one in its own time and with very different styles. The first ACIDENTE (1978-1987), here called OLD AÇA, resulted from a fusion between the trio BANDA SÓ POR UMA NOITE (1974-1977), which featured Paulo Malária (piano), Guto Rolim (bass) and Zeca Pereira (drums), and the band LEVIATHAN, where played Helio 'Scubi" Jenné (guitars) and Raul Branco (drums).
Acidente in its first appearing (1978) was Malária, Scubi, Guto and Raul. During the following 2 years there were several changings, Scubi and Mala remaining the only constant members. But in 1981, when the band recorded their 1st LP 'GUERRA CIVIL', the line-up was again almost the original, with Paulo Malária on keyboards, Helio 'Scubi' Jenné and Fernando 'Samuca' Sá on guitars, Guto Rolim on bass and Zeca Pereira on drums, plus guest musicians.

At the end of that year Samuca left the group and, although 1982 would show other members, in 1983 the quartet Zeca-Guto-Scubi-Mala was again ACIDENTE, to record the 2nd LP 'FIM DO MUNDO', once more featuring guest stars. And still was this quartet who made the 7' 'PIOLHO' in 1985.

In 2011 in order to celebrate the 30 years of its first album, Guerra Civil, released in 1981, ACIDENTE launched ROCK, a compilation of the 30 tracks previously recorded in the first 3 albums.

After this, environment for indie rock bands was harsher each time and in 1987 the original ACIDENTE disbanded. All the 31 tracks left by OLD AÇA are garage rock and samelikes (blues, ballads etc.), without any trace of instrumental music or prog influences that would stand for NEW AÇA.

Guerra Civil - 1981

Fim do Mundo -

Piolho - 1985

Rock -

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